Turkey to give education for 309 Somali students

Students from Somalia affected by the famine that is currently widespread in the country will have the opportunity to study in Turkey and a chance at a better life thanks to Turkish charity Kimse Yok Mu. Somali Education Minister Ahmet Eydid Ibrahim arrived in Istanbul on Wednesday accompanied by 309 students that have been given … Continue reading

Turkish doctors help treat 15,000 people suffering in Somalia

In the past month, Turkish doctors in Somalia have helped to treat nearly 15,000 stricken Somali patients statistics have shown. Turkey has really jumped to the forefront lately in countries providing aid to Africa. Turkey has taken it upon itself to help Somalia in their hour of need as the country suffers from the worst … Continue reading

Turkish broadcasters raise 21 million Turkish Lira for Somalia

Two Turkish broadcasters have raised an astonishing 21 million Turkish Lira for Somalia during a fundraising national telethon. The broadcasters, ATV and A Haber joined the national campaign in Turkey to help famine stricken Somalia during the worst drought for 60 years in Africa. Titled “It Is Time For Humanity In Somalia” the telethon was … Continue reading