Nudes, hippies and angry villagers: on Turkey’s hippy trail in the 1970s, Part 1

Last week, Karen Ormond told us about the process of up and moving to her Fethiye villa in Turkey with her husband, Derek. You can read about it over at Place Overseas. She spoke eloquently about the difficulties of adjusting and what changes their lives have gone through since moving to Fethiye three years ago. … Continue reading

Turkish Minister: Economy under control in Turkey

Turkey’s Science, Industry and Technology Minister Nihat Ergun has said that Turkey’s growth is under control following allegations of overheating in the markets. Ergun said: “Turkey has the necessary dynamics to surmount possible difficulties stemming from external shocks. We are currently analysing a number of scenarios to help us survive a crisis with the least … Continue reading

Universities to offer financial incentives for students

Universities in Turkey are competing to gain students who score in the top ranks on the Undergraduate Placement Examination (LYS) by offering a series of financial incentives to the students. In order to bring the most promising students to their University, the students will be offered a one off payment of up to 5,000 Turkish … Continue reading

Minority newspapers to get grants

Following a meeting with the Press Bulletin Authority (BIK), newspapers run by minorities of Turkey are optimistic of the future of their publications. Work was already underway for minority newspapers to gain a share of official bulletins, with local authorities paying publications to print. Yasin Aras, the communication advisor for BİK, told the Hürriyet Daily … Continue reading

Turkish Prime Minister: Turkey safe from Europe crisis

With the whole of Europe facing a crisis over the weakening Euro, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has come out to say that Turkey won’t be affected by the economic issues facing Europe. Erdoğan said that the Turkish economy is strong enough to deal with the future challenges that could arise, he said: “The … Continue reading