Nudes, hippies and angry villagers: on Turkey’s hippy trail in the 1970s, Part 1

Last week, Karen Ormond told us about the process of up and moving to her Fethiye villa in Turkey with her husband, Derek. You can read about it over at Place Overseas. She spoke eloquently about the difficulties of adjusting and what changes their lives have gone through since moving to Fethiye three years ago. … Continue reading

2011 Çaliş Carnival Craft Fair

Our friends at Fethiye Times have informed us that the 2011 Çalış Carnival gets underway this Sunday with a Spring Street Fair and Craft Market organised by the Calis Children’s Charity. Now in its fourth year, the popular annual fair will again take place in the main street in Çalış between the Dolphin junction and … Continue reading

Fethiye Sports Centre for young sports enthusiasts

For Expat Fethiye property owners, there is no doubt that there are a lot of activities in the area Fethiye area to keep them occupied but if you have moved to Turkey permanently then you can’t explore the area all year round. There has to be other activities to help you settle in as a … Continue reading

Check out Camel Wrestling in Fethiye

Ever heard of Camel wrestling? I know I haven’t and if you only just moved to Turkey there is a god chance you haven’t either. However if you are moving to Fethiye then you are in luck; you can experience camel wrestling first hand this Sunday 6th February. To give a rough idea, Camel wrestling … Continue reading

Fighting holiday weight Fethiye style

No matter where you live, it is normal to put on a few pounds during the Christmas holidays and New Year is spent trying to get back in shape. If you live in Fethiye then the job is half done, there are gyms not to mention a whole range of outdoor activities that can be … Continue reading