More foreigners looking to work in Turkey

The number of foreigners trying to obtain work permits to work in Turkey is on the rise year on year. New data released by the Labour Ministry shows that a total of 16,890 foreign workers applied for Turkish work permits in 2011, up from 14,201 applications in 2010 as working in Turkey becomes an ever … Continue reading

New rules for Turkey residence permit

New rules have been bought in for foreigners who reside in Turkey without a residence permit. The new rules, set to be implemented from February 1st 2012 onwards, will see foreigners who do not have a residence permit only allowed to remain in Turkey for 90 days consecutively, or 90 days within a 6 month … Continue reading

Chinese giant Huawei targets Turkey as regional centre

Chinese network solutions provider Huawei has announced that Turkey will act as the regional centre for Huawei’s global plans to become the top supplier of smart phones and tablet PCs in the future. Huawei also outlined their aims for growth in the future; the company is already a key equipment producer for the world’s largest … Continue reading

One third of people employed in Turkey to be women by 2015

According to Turkey’s Employment Organisation (ISKUR), one out of every three employees in Turkey will be a woman by the year 2015. The new targets for ISKUR reveal a target of 35 percent of workforce positions in Turkey to be held by females by 2015 which was laid out in the organisations Strategic Plan 2011-2015. … Continue reading

Turkish work permit’s granted for foreign medics

The Turkish government has announced new plans to give opportunities for the employment of foreign medics in Turkey. The new move comes as part of a new set of statutory decrees that amended laws dating back to as far as 1928 that had originally prevented foreign nationals from working as physicians or nurses in Turkey. … Continue reading