What makes Bodrum ‘home’

Bodrum castle

Bodrum has long been known as the St Tropez of Turkey; idyllic surroundings, a lovely location along the coast, and a charming atmosphere year round. But what makes Bodrum THE place to be in Turkey over other regions? We will explore the reasons why so many choose to call Bodrum home. The town is awash … Continue reading

Formula 1 could return to Istanbul

Istanbul Park

Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has said that he wants to bring the Istanbul Formula 1 Grand Prix back. Speaking in an interview, Ecclestone said: “If there is a chance, we would like to hold the Grand Prix once again in Istanbul. Istanbul first hosted a Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2005, and continued to … Continue reading

James Bond comes to Turkey

James Bond skyfall

Skyfall, the latest offering from the James Bond franchise has been critically praised as one of the best Bond movies ever. Daniel Craig stars as Bond takes a trip through our very own Istanbul. With scenes filmed in Istanbul, Adana, and Fethiye; the producers wanted to capture all that Turkey has to offer. The video … Continue reading

William and Kate sue the French and Italians as Camilla jets off to Bodrum, Turkey

Leander G Yacht

You may have read in the news about Prince William and Kate suing a French and Italian publication over nude photos of the Princess that were published in the last week. However, while the French and Italians are seemingly in the Royal bad books, Turkey continues to prove popular amongst her Majesty’s family as Prince … Continue reading

Win a 4 day break to Bodrum with Place Overseas

Bodrum castle

Our partner website Place Overseas is offering you the chance to win a 4 day break to Bodrum, Turkey. Known as Turkey’s St Tropez, Bodrum offers more than just sunny beaches and fine dining. Fall in love with the peninsula’s ancient ruins, imposing castle, volcanic landscapes, windswept headlands and traditional markets. Popular with celebrities like … Continue reading