Turkey more environmentally friendly than Europe

Park in Istanbul

Speaking on World Environment Day, Turkish Minister of Environment and Urban Planning – Erdogan Bayraktar stated that Turkey currently is more advanced than Europe in tackling environmental issues. Speaking at the opening of a park in Istanbul, Bayraktar said: “The world is a small planet and polluted easily, but when it gets dirty it is … Continue reading

Generous Turkey donates $1.7 billion to developing nations

In the last year Turkey has donated an unprecedented $1.7 billion to developing and underdeveloped nations, all despite the current economic crisis that is engulfing the rest of the world. Of that $1.7 billion, nearly $1 billion of that have been donations in humanitarian aid to suffering countries such as Somalia. The total breakdown of … Continue reading

Turkish work permit’s granted for foreign medics

The Turkish government has announced new plans to give opportunities for the employment of foreign medics in Turkey. The new move comes as part of a new set of statutory decrees that amended laws dating back to as far as 1928 that had originally prevented foreign nationals from working as physicians or nurses in Turkey. … Continue reading

Turkey nears target in project for children’s rights

Turkey’s Family and Social Policy Minister, Fatma Sahin has stated that Turkey is closing in on its target to provide more rights for children with more than 4,000 orphanage homes being established for children who are not cared for or currently without any family in Turkey. Sahin stated that a total of 2,260 children’s homes … Continue reading

Turkish doctors help treat 15,000 people suffering in Somalia

In the past month, Turkish doctors in Somalia have helped to treat nearly 15,000 stricken Somali patients statistics have shown. Turkey has really jumped to the forefront lately in countries providing aid to Africa. Turkey has taken it upon itself to help Somalia in their hour of need as the country suffers from the worst … Continue reading