Turkey to improve transport links

traffic in Turkey

Turkey could be looking to improve transport links in Turkey after studies on were completed on a potential 18 new highways connecting Turkey’s Black Sea coast to the Mediterranean coast. The new highways total 11,797 kilometres in length and will easy traffic in Turkey problems and also help with trade and tourism in Turkey. Turkey’s … Continue reading

Turkish automotive firm reaches new sales record

Ford Otosan in Turkey has revealed that the company have reached a new all-time sales record in 2011. General Manager of the automotive company, Nuri Otay, said: “We sold 12,064 vehicles in November and our market share, which was 15.6 percent throughout the year, rose to 18 percent in November.” The General Manager also stated … Continue reading

Turkey seeks new partners for car parts

Turkey has new plans to make nations such as Qatar, Ukraine, and Tunisia a secondary export market for automotive parts.  At the recent Comvex Automotive Fair, representatives from 14 leading automotive companies from these nations met with representatives from 50 Turkish automotive firms with an emphasis on discussing future trade possibilities. The fair, in Bursa … Continue reading

Cars in Turkey – 6th highest sales in Europe

Figures released by the Automotive Distributers Association (ODD) have shown that Turkey ranked sixth in Europe for the total automobile sales in October, up from 8th place in September. The figures show that overall in the period from January to October, Turkey remains in 8th place in Europe for the total amount of automobile sales. … Continue reading

Turkish automotive production and exports rise

Figures released by the Automotive Industry Association (OSD) have shown that total production and exports in the Turkish automotive industry have risen in the period of January to September 2011. The figures show that total automotive production has risen by 13 percent to 884,000 in the period. Car production alone had risen by 8 percent … Continue reading