What makes Bodrum ‘home’

Bodrum castle

Bodrum has long been known as the St Tropez of Turkey; idyllic surroundings, a lovely location along the coast, and a charming atmosphere year round. But what makes Bodrum THE place to be in Turkey over other regions? We will explore the reasons why so many choose to call Bodrum home. The town is awash … Continue reading

Social Turkey – 47 percent of all Turkish homes now have internet access

More Turkish homes than ever now have access to internet according to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK). According to the data, a total of 47.2 percent of households within Turkey now have access to internet at home, a rise from 42.9 percent in 2011, while a further 27.6 percent who don’t have access, … Continue reading

Turkey more environmentally friendly than Europe

Park in Istanbul

Speaking on World Environment Day, Turkish Minister of Environment and Urban Planning – Erdogan Bayraktar stated that Turkey currently is more advanced than Europe in tackling environmental issues. Speaking at the opening of a park in Istanbul, Bayraktar said: “The world is a small planet and polluted easily, but when it gets dirty it is … Continue reading

Turkey ranked 6th best tourism destination in the world – moves ahead of Britain


A report released by the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) has placed Turkey as the 6th most popular tourism destination in the world. The report, titled “Tourism Highlights 2012” shows that Turkey is the only top 10 destination to have move up position over the 2011 report. Turkey moved up to displace Britain in 6th position … Continue reading

Turkey to improve transport links

traffic in Turkey

Turkey could be looking to improve transport links in Turkey after studies on were completed on a potential 18 new highways connecting Turkey’s Black Sea coast to the Mediterranean coast. The new highways total 11,797 kilometres in length and will easy traffic in Turkey problems and also help with trade and tourism in Turkey. Turkey’s … Continue reading