What makes Bodrum ‘home’

Bodrum has long been known as the St Tropez of Turkey; idyllic surroundings, a lovely location along the coast, and a charming atmosphere year round. But what makes Bodrum THE place to be in Turkey over other regions? We will explore the reasons why so many choose to call Bodrum home.

The town is awash with culture, charm, and sophistication; fit for the rich and famous but at a fraction of the price paid in and around Europe. Life in Bodrum is relaxed, whether you are mooring your Yacht, or sitting back and enjoying life in your luxury villa, Bodrum offers a taste of the good life, so much so that the likes of Sting, Beyonce, and Cristiano Ronaldo have been known to stay in beautiful Bodrum homes during the summer.

Bodrum has a place in Turkish history, originally known as Halicarnassus – it was the capital of the Kingdom of Caria. The name originates from a famous Turkish story about the Fisherman of Halicarnassus; a man sent to Bodrum in exile whose famous writings about the town are appreciated so much that they are taught around schools in Turkey to this day.

One of the great things about Bodrum today is that a lot of the original charm and elegance of Halicarnassus still exists. From the amazing natural views, to the stunning castle of St Peter which has been fantastically preserved throughout the history of time. Not forgetting the unbelievable experience of the underwater museum, which still amazes tourists and locals to this day.

Cameron Deggin who owns a home in Bodrum from Place Overseas, said: “I love life in Bodrum, I try to spend at least 3 months of the year here, you never get tired of the view over the peninsula or the unbelievable yachting routes starting here.” Yachting is one of the favourite past times for people in and around the town. People come from all over the world to sample what is known as one of the best sailing routes along Turkey starting at Bodrum’s very own high-class luxury marina.

During the day times, Bodrum is a symbol of relaxation and peace – people quietly going about their business, fishing, working, relaxing on the beach, enjoying a nice stroll around the town watching the world go by. But at night, Bodrum comes alive with a vibrant and friendly nightlife attracting people from all over Turkey and Europe – not too loud, but too mundane; a perfect harmony of entertainment in a chilled out atmosphere.

The peninsula is known worldwide for its delicacy of fish restaurants, being a waterfront town this is no surprise. There is no better way to end the day than with a nice drink and authentic food at one of the many beachfront luxury restaurants. Enjoy the orange filled sunset over a nice meal with the camera at the ready; there will be no need for photo editing skills here.

Top 5 things to do in Bodrum:

If you are planning a short trip to Bodrum, and you should, here is a list of the top five things to make sure you don’t miss out on while here:

  • Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology and castle of St Peter – we have already touched on it here, but it cant be stated enough, this is a must see. Situated within the castle of St. Peter itself, the museum is home to several artifacts and exhibitions. A 2-hour leisurely stroll around the museum will provide you with enough time to learn a little about the history of Bodrum. Great value for money – the views of the bay are stunning.
  • Port of Bodrum Yalikavak – Yalikavak is one of the gems inside Bodrum. The port itself is home to some of the most glamorous yachts you will ever see. From here you can take a highly recommended trip out to the sea on one of the yachts at a great price. Just be sure to remember not to leave the camera at home!
  • Bitez Beach – lounge in the sun at Bitez Beach with a sandy beach and clear waters, you will never want to leave. The beach has many hammocks and beanbags, which you can pay to relax in. There are also many seafront restaurants, which you can purchase authentic food from.
  • Aqua Park – what is a holiday without a little fun? Bodrum is home to a fantastic Aqua Park that is perfect for a family day out. Enjoy the thrilling rides and recover your youth. There is also a huge Jacuzzi for those looking for a break from all the adventure.
  • Bodrum Amphitheater – the amphitheater dates back to 4th century B.C and it is thought to have been built during the reign of King Mausoleus. There are three main parts and it is still use today, with some concerts taking place during the summer months.

There are many, many other exciting and fantastic locations to visit in Bodrum that are also worth noting. Take a trip to Rabbit Island (Yes, with rabbits!), visit Pedasa Antique City and continue your Bodrum history lesson, see the windmills in Yalikavak. The potential in Bodrum is endless, tourists will love it, locals still love it, and expats – call it home.

So, what makes Bodrum a cut above the rest when it comes to living in Turkey? A famous quote once read ‘enjoy life for five minutes, it won’t kill you’ – well in Bodrum, you won’t need a quote like this to remind you to enjoy life, you will be living life at its best, year round.

One Response to “What makes Bodrum ‘home’”
  1. Annie says:

    Being a working town, Bodrum doesn’t close down in the winter like many resorts so Bodrum is a great place to be during the cooler months.

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