Third Airport to be built in Northern Istanbul

The long awaited third airport in Istanbul is set to be built in Northern Istanbul somewhere between Yenikoy and Akpinar Villages on the outskirts of Istanbul.

Transport Minister Binali Yildirim said that the new airport is set to be constructed on old coal mines that will be filled in to make room for the modern airport. The current coal mines are up to 100 metres deep and no longer in operation.

istanbul third airport

Yildirim revealed that the airport will be one of the biggest airports in the world and will be placed on a plot of land measuring more than 90 million square metres.

Istanbul Mayor, Kadir Topbas, said that the airport will be built to host 150 million passengers and will have either five or six runways. To begin with, the airport will host 100 million passengers, with the extra 50 million capacity being increased in the long term.

Ataturk International Airport, the current main airport of Istanbul, has a maximum capacity of 34 million passengers. Topbas said that once finished, the new airport will become the main airport of Istanbul with its larger capacity, while Ataturk will serve smaller flights and domestic flights.

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