William and Kate sue the French and Italians as Camilla jets off to Bodrum, Turkey

You may have read in the news about Prince William and Kate suing a French and Italian publication over nude photos of the Princess that were published in the last week.

However, while the French and Italians are seemingly in the Royal bad books, Turkey continues to prove popular amongst her Majesty’s family as Prince Charles’ wife Camilla recently visited Bodrum Marina for a stop gap holiday.

Landing by private jet in Bodrum, Camilla was joined by Lady Fiona Landsdowne, Pierre Von Westenholz, Jane Von Westenholz, and Amanda Ward where they boarded Bodrum Mega Yacht – Leander G.

Leander G Yacht

Leander G Yacht

Costing a staggering 455,000 Euros per week to rent, the luxury yacht is more than fit enough for the Royal Family, complete with a helipad, swimming pool, fitness centre, and even a cinema. From there they sailed toward the Gulf of Gokova. Turkey, especially Bodrum is synonymous for its picturesque sailing routes along the Turkish coast.

It appears as though the Royals won’t be taking any family holidays in France and Italy for a little while now – perhaps a villa in Turkey offers something a little more suitable, hey Camilla?

Bodrum is good enough for the Royal Family, is it good enough for you? Place Overseas is offering you the chance to win a luxury four day holiday to Bodrum. Click Here for more details. You never know who you might run in to…


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