Turkey finish with late flurry of Olympic Medals

Turkey finished the London Olympic Games 2012 with a late rally of four medals in the last four days of the Games to finish in 31st place overall on the medal table.

Finishing with a total of two gold medals, two silver medals, and one bronze medal – Turkish athletes will be largely disappointed with the haul of medals considering Turkey sent their largest ever Olympic team to London with 114 athletes qualifying for Turkey at London 2012; a near 50 percent rise on the Turkish athletes who qualified for Beijing 2008.

There were some high moments for Turkey during the Olympics though; Servet Tazegul won Olympic gold in the men’s 68kg taekwondo to add to his world title and European championships medals. Turkey also achieved an historic one-two finish in the women’s 1500m final with Asli Cakir and Gamze Bulut claiming gold and silver in the same event.

Turkey one-two finish in the women's 1500m

Turkey one-two finish in the women’s 1500m

Turkey has high hopes to host the Olympic Games in Istanbul in 2020, and is considered one of the favourites to land the Olympics in 2020. The host of the 2020 Olympic Games will be announced in September 2013.

Should Istanbul be granted rights to host the Olympics in 2020 – we can expect to see a lot of development and progress of Turkish athletes coming up to 2020. Five medals in total at London 2012, I wonder how many medals Turkey could get infront of a home crowd at Istanbul 2020? We wait and see.

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