Turkey ranked 6th best tourism destination in the world – moves ahead of Britain

A report released by the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) has placed Turkey as the 6th most popular tourism destination in the world.

The report, titled “Tourism Highlights 2012” shows that Turkey is the only top 10 destination to have move up position over the 2011 report. Turkey moved up to displace Britain in 6th position on the list of popular tourism destinations worldwide.

Turkey is a huge holiday destination along the Mediterranean region – each year more tourists are flocking to Turkey’s sandy beaches and value for money holiday packages. In 2011 Turkey welcomed nearly 30 million international tourists and is set to grow further in 2012.

Industry experts predict that within the next 10 years Turkey will enter into the top 5 as more European tourists turn their back on previous hotspots such as Spain and head towards Turkey for summer holidays aswell as an increase in Middle Eastern visitors who are choosing Turkey ahead of other Arab nations.

One Response to “Turkey ranked 6th best tourism destination in the world – moves ahead of Britain”
  1. Roving Jay says:

    I’ve been visiting the Aegean coast of Turkey since 2008 – and each year there are more and more developments. Up until now, it looks like Turkey is not going to make the same mistakes as Spain (rows of high rise along the coastal resorts) – and has implemented laws to restrict the height of buildings. This is really key – I for one, visit Turkey because it still retains its rural charm. I know I can visit Bodrum, and have a wide selection of restaurants, bars and shops – but I can then hop on a dolmus to the quiet village of Gundogan and enjoy some peace and a few amenities. If this rural charm disappears – eventually so will a lot of the visitors to the area.

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