Hillary Clinton praises Turkey… again

The United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has been full of praise this week for the Turkish government in improving the religious freedom in Turkey.

In a letter, Clinton said: “I am encouraged by concrete steps the government of Turkey has taken over the past year to return properties to religious communities.”

Clinton went on: “In August 2011 the government issued a decree allowing religious minorities to apply to reclaim churches, synagogues, and other properties confiscated 75 years ago. Several properties have already been returned to the 24 religious minority foundations that have applied thus far.” The decision by the Turkish government to return property in Turkey owned by religious minorities has been applauded widely.

Clinton also addressed the forthcoming changes to the Turkish constitution, saying: “The government is redrafting its 1982 military-drafted constitution to fully embrace individual rights, including those of religious and ethnic minorities.” Turkey is looking to proceed with a new constitution to give more rights to individuals and more freedom in Turkey.

The new steps Turkey is making in reforming the country and returning the Turkish real estate, goes a long way in changing Turkey for the better. Clinton said: “These steps are encouraging and we are urging the government of Turkey to continue returning other properties confiscated from minority religious communities to their rightful owners, as well as moving forward with needed legal reforms in its constitutional redrafting process.”

Hillary Clinton speaking of Turkey

Hillary Clinton speaking of Turkey

Clinton summed up the future of Turkey by stating: “A new Turkey is being born.”


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