Fetih 1453 First Turkish cinema movie to sell 5 million tickets

Turkish movie ‘Fetih 1453’ (The Conquest 1453) has become the first Turkish film in history to sell more than 5 million tickets in total.

The record breaking film is Turkey’s most watched movie of all time, taking just 18 days to beat the previous record held by 2009 film ‘Recep Ivedik 2’

Directed by Faruk Aksoy, the movie stars Devrim Evin as Sultan Mehmet II, the movie is also Turkey’s most expensive movie to make of all time, costing around 17 million Turkish Lira to produce. So far the movie has made more than 40 million TL in revenue since its release.

The movie is a great watch for anyone living in Turkey or any expats in Turkey. The movie is one of a number of great events in Turkey for those in Turkey to go to.

Cinema in Turkey is currently living in somewhat of a golden age. Recent times have seen more Hollywood productions come to Turkey for filming and Turkish students heading to Hollywood to learn first hand the difficulties of making a movie.


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