Where is the best place to stay in Turkey for a tourist?

Tourism in Turkey

tourism in Turkey

Statistics have shown that a growing number of tourists in Turkey choose to not stay in hotels in Turkey but rather with friends and relatives in Turkey.

Data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) show that 11.1 percent of total foreign tourists in Turkey choose to stay in their own property in Turkey which they have bought before, while a further 22.7 percent of tourists in Turkey stay with relatives and friends. This represents a third of total tourists in Turkey who choose not to stay in a hotel in Turkey.

The data also showed that 4.6 percent of tourists chose to rent accommodation in Turkey by ways of renting villas in Turkey, while the remaining percentage stays in hotels in Turkey.

With such a big number of expats in Turkey, the data showed that one out of every 10 tourists in Turkey was either an expat or retiree. Roughly around 50 percent of tourists in Turkey come to Turkey for the purposes of travel, sports, and entertainment. A further 10 percent come to Turkey to visit relatives and friends, while 6 percent come to Turkey for work and 4 percent travel to Turkey purely for shopping purposes.

With a total of more than 30 million tourists visiting Turkey in 2011, tourism in Turkey is certainly on the rise. Tourists flock to Turkey all year round to experience Turkey in their own way. 2012 looks set to follow the trend that has seen growth in the number of tourists coming to Turkey.


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