New mini-metro system to be built in Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbas has revealed that the metro system in Istanbul is to be upgraded with a new mini metro that will connect the areas of Levent and Asiyan.

Expected to be complete within the next two years, the new mini metro system will ease traffic problems in Istanbul. Mayor Topbas said: “Heavy traffic and a lack of mass transportation in the area have made these changes essential.”

The mayor revealed that the mini metro will have five stops when complete and will transport up to 10,000 passengers per hour, easing the traffic troubles that have blighted Istanbul for many years. Topbas said: “It will take only five minutes from Hisarustu to Levent. Later on, we will increase the passenger capacity if needed.”

With 12 million people estimated to be living in Istanbul, the city of Istanbul is by far the largest in Turkey. Traffic in Istanbul is famous for being slow and busy – the new mini metro system will hopefully see more people within Istanbul opting to use public transport as a means to move around the giant city.


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