New rules for Turkey residence permit

New rules have been bought in for foreigners who reside in Turkey without a residence permit.

The new rules, set to be implemented from February 1st 2012 onwards, will see foreigners who do not have a residence permit only allowed to remain in Turkey for 90 days consecutively, or 90 days within a 6 month period.

The previous law for foreigners in Turkey without a residence permit allowed for foreigners to arrive in Turkey and spend 90 days in the country, and then simply leave Turkey for a short amount of time and then return back for another 90 days – repeating this cycle over and over again as long as they wish. This will no longer be allowed under the new laws.

The reasoning for the new law is that Turkey has seen an increase lately in the amount of foreign workers who work illegally in Turkey – the new regulation will see this end as foreigners without a residence permit will only be allowed to stay in Turkey for 90 days in every 6 month period, making it seemingly impossible for anyone to work in Turkey for a long period of time without a residence permit.

With Turkey rising to become one of the wealthiest nations across Europe, many foreigners are seeing the opportunity to move to Turkey and work in the growing nation. This isn’t the only new law set to be passed in Turkey of late that will affect foreigners who are in Turkey. A new law is expected to be passed in the near future that will make it easier for foreigners to purchase a property in Turkey, more information can be found at Place Overseas. With the property Turkey market being such a luxurious market for foreign investors, Turkey is set to seize upon the opportunity that will see property in Turkey sales increase dramatically and prime areas such as Istanbul real estate see an influx of more foreigners buying a property in Turkey and a further increase in the number of foreigners who decide to move to Turkey.

16 Responses to “New rules for Turkey residence permit”
  1. Sara says:

    What are the options for someone who does not wish to work in Turkey, but who wishes to live there in retirement and has enough money to live there without working?

  2. Hi Sara, that’s much easier. You simply need to apply for a residency permit and not a work permit. Turkish authorities view retirement cases very positively and they actually encourage them. Chances are you will be able to obtain your residency within 2 years.

    I hope this helps.

  3. Necip Akkus says:

    How about those undocumented foreigners who happened to be in the country already for years, is there no possibility of being given a chance to avail a working permit? or an amnesty as they have been longing for?

  4. Arti Golas says:

    Hello, I am an Indian passport holder and have the work permit visa for turkey. Can you tell me the maximum amount of euros I am allowed to carry on person while leaving Turkey ?

    • Ricky Carbis says:

      Maybe you should ask that question in EasyMoveToTurkey’s official Turkey Expat Forum –

    • MOHAMMAD IRFAN says:

      Hello I .am from india as well I am also working in Denizli/turkey .In which city you are going to work.

    • Shelly says:

      Hi Arti,
      I am an Indian passport holder and I have got a job in Turkey. Now my employer is asking me I can get a tourist visa for 90 days, can it be prolonged further, as they would have to get me a residence permit first and then the work permit. Do you know how exactly it works for Indians? I would like to know, if you have any information regarding this please share!! Thanks abunch!! 🙂

  5. ansah says:

    how can an asaloom sıkers get thıs new resıdence permıt:

  6. ash says:

    im from the uk and i have a fiance there . i would like to stay for 6months and i have saved money to support myself while there.. is it possible to be there for that amount of time?

  7. laurene says:

    if i have not used my full 90 days in turkey and i leave on my 180 day can i return after 24 hours as this would be the strt of my new 180 day visa say go to rhodes and stay then come back will i get new 90/180 visa for 10 english money again???

  8. Dee el-sadat says:

    I am a British citizen and have owned a home in Turkey for around 7 years. I also have money in a bank there. I have gone there 2/3 times a year working in the UK, Now have a job offer with the British Consulate but require a legal residency. my intention is to live and work in Turkey. My house is in Kusadasi but the job is in Istanbul. please can you advise my best cause of action? as I need to have the residency permit in order to start work.

  9. Dee says:

    I am a British citizen and have owned a home in Kusadasi Turkey for around 7 years, with Tapu. I also have savings in a bank in Kusadasi oof around £18000.

    I have gone to stay at my home 2/3 times a year working and living in the UK, until now.
    I have recently had a job offer with the British Consulate, Istanbul but require a legal residency, in order to work in Turkey for the British consulate.
    My intention is to live and work in Turkey, as my permanent residence for the foreseeable future.
    Please can you advise my best cause of action? as I need to have the residency permit in order to start work in January.

    Thanking you in advance for any information you can give

  10. says:

    Hi everybody
    I am Engy from Egypt , I wish I can live and word inTurkey , but I need to know , how much does it cost to live in Istanbul per one month including renting a moderate flat and food cost ? , second is it easy to find a job or not ?

  11. Hi, Everybody if you own or you are buying property in Turkiye, and you are 0ver 65 years old and not looking for work, the minute your name goes into your DEEDS you should get your Residency Permit and if you sell you Property your Residency Permit is canceled, none Turkish Nationals should not buy Properties in Turkiye unless they get a Residency Permit with their TAPU, and by doing so the Turkish Authorities would get more Retired People to buy Properties in Turkiye . Its not rocket Science its just common sense. John Quin Limerick Ireland

  12. hm nayan says:

    i am hm nayan,i am Bangladeshi,now i am in turkey i have tourist visa in my passport,now i want residence permit in turkey,how much cost for residence permit and what kind of papers submit for residence permit please inform about that thanks

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