Museums in Izmir, Turkey – on the rise

New data from the Izmir Culture and Tourism Directorate has shown that the total amount of income generated from museums and ancient sites in Izmir in 2011 increased by a total of 41.64 percent over the total in 2010.

The statistics showed that in 2011, museums and ancient sites around Izmir generated a total of 12.28 million Turkish Liras – generated mostly by tourists coming to Izmir to see the fantastic sites to be seen in Izmir. The 2010 figure for money generated stood at 8.67 million Turkish Liras.

In total, more than 2 and a half million people visited museums and historic sites around Izmir last year – the exact figure standing at 2,792,053 officially. The most popular area in Izmir was deemed to be the picturesque ancient city of Ephesus with more than 2 million visitors alone.

The rise of Izmir for tourists follows the recent rise of Turkey in general. As the weak Euro leads to more and more tourists heading for Turkey, it is without doubt that Turkey has capitalised in the tourism market – posting larger than ever tourism stats in recent years and proving that Turkey is set to become a tourism prime location in the near future.


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