Istanbul continues to rise as tourist destination

Official data released by the Istanbul Culture and Tourism Department has revealed that tourism in Istanbul has continued to rise, with 8 million visitors to the cultured city in 2011.

The data shows an increase of more than 1 million visitors over the 2010 figures of 6.9 million visitors for the year to Istanbul.

The data also shows that tourists are continuing to flock to Istanbul from all over the globe, the most popular visitors to Istanbul come from Germany with the historic background between Germany and Turkey proving to be influential in the number of Turkish Germans heading for Istanbul each year. Following Germany, the next popular visitors come from Russia, the USA, Italy, and France respectively.

Istanbul is such a huge city that there is absolutely everything to do, tourists flock to Istanbul as the city offers anything and everything, from amazing shopping deals to contemporary art to historic Turkey, the city of Istanbul is a breathtaking city to experience for tourists.


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