30 million tourists flock to Turkey in 2011

Statistics released have revealed that 2011 saw the trend of tourists in Turkey continue to rise, with a total of 30 million tourists experiencing Turkey in 2011.

The success of Turkey as a tourism destination has seen Turkey rise to the 7th most popular destination worldwide for tourists, with the 30 million foreign tourists bringing Turkish tourism revenue up to USD 25 billion for the year – placing Turkey in 9th place in the world for revenue from tourism. As a whole, this represents a growth rate of 10 percent over tourism in Turkey in 2010.

With Turkey proving to be so popular amongst tourists, 2012 will surely see figures rise even further as Turkey once again proves its potential on the world stage. Early estimates have suggested that 2012 could see Turkey attract at least 32 million tourists and revenue is expected to match at least USD 27 billion for the year.

Tourism in Turkey is a huge market and anyone looking to buy a property for pure investment potential would be well suited to buy a property in Turkey. With rental yields ranging from 6-12 percent for the year, with guaranteed rent ranging from at least 24 weeks of the year, buying a property in Turkey for investment purposes could see investors make a huge return on investment as tourism in Turkey continues to grow.


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