Turkey vitally important to global growth in 2012

According to a research and consultancy company, Turkey is set to play a key role in shaping the global economy and global growth in 2012.

Frost & Sullivan’s Turkey Director Philipp Reuter said that Turkish companies are predicted to make major partnership deals in the new year and the Turkish economy will continue with the strong performance that it showed in 2011.

Reuter said: “Turkey has been successful in a variety of sectors including: automotive, defense and renewable energy despite the financial volatility throughout 2011.” The research company research showed that Turkey’s automotive industry has made great growth in 2011 with important foundations laid for large growth in 2012 while Turkey’s renewable energy sector reached a new high in 2011 and is predicted to lead the country’s growth in 2012.

Reuter predicts that the new developments and growth in Turkey is likely to lead to many Turks working abroad to head home to take up high level positions in different companies, further increasing the potential of Turkey with experienced professionals and experts heading back to Turkey.

Turkey is one of a few select nations who have a generally sunny outlook for future growth and development. While the rest of Europe is seemingly struggling with the pressure of the Euro, Turkey is mooted as a giant force in the global economy for 2012.


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