118 million passengers travel through Turkish airports in 2011

Figures released by the General Directorate of State Airports Authority of Turkey (DHMI) has revealed that the year 2011 saw an impressive 118 million passengers travel through airports in Turkey.

The figures, easily a new record for Turkey, saw more and more people travel to or through Turkey as cheaper flights and the rise of Turkey as a tourist hotspot and business centre result in more and more travellers to Turkey.

With 45 airports in Turkey collectively handling 118 million passengers, this represented a rise of 14.4 percent when compared with 2010. The breakdown of the figures show that 58 million passengers were from domestic flights within Turkey while 59 million passengers were travelling to or from foreign destinations, while the number of passengers using Turkey to transfer to another destination reached 1 million in total.

As Turkey develops as a tourism destination for travellers and more people flock to experience Turkey, the total amount of passengers will surely rise again in 2012 as Turkey looks to a bright future for passengers travelling to and from Turkey.

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