Istanbul peninsula to be protected

Istanbul’s Metropolitan Municipal Council has approved new plans to conserve the historic city peninsula.

Including many famous structures from the Roman and Ottoman periods, the conservation will help preserve some historic history of the cultural city. Head of the Public Works and Construction Commission, Sefer Kocabas said: “None of the unlicensed buildings inside the historical walls will be left standing; any works lost, burnt or in ruins have also been incorporated into the plan.”

Also the council decided to postpone indefinitely any plans for the building of car parks near buildings categorised as historic structures, and construction in certain areas will be restricted in order to let the historic beauty of Istanbul shine through. There will also be negotiations for more green space around historic structures in order to preserve the constructions.

Ergun Turan, the group deputy president of the ruling Justice and Development Party said: “Long hours were spent in the planning office. This plan passed through our municipal council before going to the conservation council. It has now been returned to us after receiving the conservation council’s approval. This is a very important project for Istanbul.”

Istanbul is such a beautiful city that it is officially listed by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site, the culture and colour of Turkey shines through the history of Istanbul – a city with a population of 12 million. Istanbul is like no city you will ever see.


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