Istanbul taxi fares increased by 8 percent

Prices for a taxi in Istanbul have been increased by 8 percent in a bid to cover fuel costs and spare parts for Istanbul taxi drivers.

Under the new regulations, due to come into effect on December 17th, taxi fares will start at a base rate of 2.70 Turkish Liras – an increase from 2.50 Turkish Liras. Also under the new rules, the cost per kilometre for a taxi will increase from 1.60 Liras to 1.73 Liras.

Another new rule sees after five minutes, the one minute waiting period cost will be 0.27 Liras, an increase from 0.25 Liras previously.

The move has failed to please disgruntled taxi drivers who expected the fares to increase even more. The head of the Istanbul Taxi Tradesmen’s Chamber, Ercan Akkopru said: “We aren’t asking for much. For the past two years we have been working with lower fares than other provinces in Turkey. If there is a tax on gasoline in the coming period, things will be even tougher for us.”

Currently in Istanbul it is estimated that there are more than 17,000 taxis trawling the streets of the biggest city in Turkey. With more than 12 million people living in Istanbul; getting around the city can be tricky and often there can be heavy traffic.


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