Turkish tourism firm to offer trips to space

As if the views on offer from exquisite destinations like Fethiye and Bodrum wasn’t enough, VIP Tourism in Turkey is set to start organising tours into space by 2014 the company announced.

The company will offer tourists in Turkey the opportunity to visit space in a four hour long experience travelling 36 kilometres above the Earth’s surface. The tourists will travel in a special space balloon named “Bloon” which has been developed with modern technology by Spanish firm zero2infinity.

VIP Tourism has invested around 20 million euros in the Bloon project to send tourists in to space. VIP Tourism Chief Executive Officer Ceylan Pirinccioglu said: “Reservations will begin Jan. 1, and we expect 400 people to register before the launch of the service.”

Pirinccioglu said that two central Anatolian provinces of Eskisehir and Konya are strong possibilities for the first launch of the Bloon space tourism take off in 2014.

Four people will be able to travel at any one time on a space visit. Pirinccioglu said that on each visit, the ascent will take around two and a half hours and that tourists would be able to enjoy a meal in space before landing safely back on Earth. Each trip will set back any space tourist 110,000 Euros. They always said that going to Turkey was out of this world… come 2014 that will be literally true.


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