Turkish museums to be renovated

Turkey is currently in the process of renovating and modernise museums up and down the country as part of a project by the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry.

By last month alone, 16 museums had already been modernised and reopened to the public and visitor numbers have seen a sharp increase due to the new facilities. Some of the museums already renovated include the Elmali Museum in Antalya and the Zeugma Museum in Gaziantep.

The list of museums to be renovated under the project includes the Istanbul Hagia Sophia Museum, the Konya Ataturk Museum, and the Aksaray Museum. There are currently a total of 189 museums, 141 tombs and 131 ruins in Turkey for tourists and visitors to admire and more museums set to be opened by the end of the year.

With so much culture and history to show in Turkey, there are museums and tourist hot spots all around Turkey. Turkey is a hot spot for tourism and more and more tourists are flocking to Turkey every year to view the fantastic sites on offer in Turkey. The renovation of museums in Turkey will surely lead to more visitors flocking to Turkey to view the fantastic museums and sites.


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