Turkey seeks new partners for car parts

Turkey has new plans to make nations such as Qatar, Ukraine, and Tunisia a secondary export market for automotive parts. 

At the recent Comvex Automotive Fair, representatives from 14 leading automotive companies from these nations met with representatives from 50 Turkish automotive firms with an emphasis on discussing future trade possibilities.

The fair, in Bursa and organised by the Uludag Automotive Industry Export Union (OIB) saw talks between companies focused on prime areas such as the trade and exports in specific areas such as spare parts, electronic parts, and repair equipment. The businesses also met to discuss the possibility of sharing technology in the future so that companies could benefit from greater experience and greater knowledge.

Turkey’s automotive sector is growing and expanding rapidly, more nations to do deals with will allow for Turkey to continue the upward trend of expanding the industry. The period from the year 2000 and September 2011 saw the total number of vehicles in Turkey rise by a staggering 91 percent in total from 8.3 million in total to 15.8 million in September this year with the total number of cars rising by 80 percent from 4.4 million to 7.9 million.

The cities with the most congestion of motor vehicles in Turkey are as you would expect. Istanbul is by far the busiest city in Turkey for vehicles followed by Ankara and Izmir.


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