Turkish tourism on the rise as 30 million tourists visit Turkey so far in 2011

According to Turkey’s culture and tourism minister, there have been a total of 30 million tourists visiting Turkey so far this year, spending a total of $20 billion.

Ertugrul Gunay said: “Turkey is not just in competition now with Greece, but with the whole world, including China, America, Italy, Spain, and Europe.” Gunay also said during the ministry’s 2012 budget talks, that tourism revenues in Turkey are actually even higher than the figures released by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat) for 2011 so far.

Gunay said that Turkey has improved and developed the coastal tourism sector significantly in the last few years, and this has had a positive effect on the amount of tourists in Turkey. Important investments had been made by Turkey across the different fields of tourism in Turkey.

Turkey is on the rise, many more tourists and more investors are flocking to Turkey to experience to culture and nature that Turkey has to offer. Turkey is a rich country that offers something for everyone, previous holiday hotspots like Spain and Italy are being outshone by the ever growing Turkey tourism market.

One Response to “Turkish tourism on the rise as 30 million tourists visit Turkey so far in 2011”
  1. Congratulations. I love Turkey.

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