Turkey President invites investors from UK to Turkey

Turkish President, Abdullah Gul has spoken out during a visit to Britain, inviting more investors from the UK to invest in Turkey.

Speaking during a speech to an audience of CEOs and executives of the UKs most prominent companies, Gul said: “As an emerging nation, Turkey’s position allows it to help the global economy recover. The Turkish economy is structurally sound, even when faced with global uncertainties. With strong public finances, sustainable debt dynamics and a robust banking system in place, Turkey has reached new levels of economic success.”

Speaking of the relationship between the UK and Turkey, Gul said: “Increasing business relations is one of the key solutions to economic hurdles. Turkey and Britain have all the necessities to create new areas of business and promote growth.”

Gul ended by likening Turkey to the developed economies of the Far East, saying: “The world economy has witnessed rising stars, suns and tigers. Now it is Turkey’s time to be the world’s shining star and the rising crescent of Eurasia.”

Should more investors from Britain look more to the Turkish market, then both countries could experience a boom to their economies. Turkey is a fast emerging country and more investors are looking to the strong Turkish market for high returns on investment.

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