Russian radio station starts to broadcast in Turkey

Russian radio station, Voice of Russia, will start to broadcast in Turkey following the opening of a new office based in Istanbul.

The head of the radio station, Andrei Bystritskiy, came to Istanbul to introduce the Voice of Russia to Istanbul and held a conference to mark the beginning of Russian radio in Turkey. Bystritskiy said that the broadcasting from Istanbul will be in Turkish language, while other programs will be broadcast to Turkey from Russia.

Speaking of relations between Turkey and Russia, Bystritskiy said: “Both countries are very successful as partners and allies; they do collaborative business. They have collaborative economic projects. Therefore, all of this has paved the way for the radio station to broadcast in Turkish.”

Bystritskiy said that the aims of the Voice of Russia are to address the elites and people in charge of making important decisions. He said: “Our goal is to reach a very broad audience. However, the qualities of our main target audience vary according to the situation of countries and their regions. Our target audience consists of elites, influential people, decision makers and people who care about what is going on around them. However, that is a specific statement. In general, we aim to access a wide group of people. That is what we consider when doing our broadcasts. We consider everyone from different educational backgrounds, age groups, with different interests and occupations. In Turkey, we want educated and sensible people who care about what is going on around them to be among our audience.”

Voice of Russia will be available on the air for people to listen in to 7 days a week. It will be broadcast on FM 101.4 and will start broadcasting from 3:00pm and end at 4:10pm. The broadcasts will feature events in Russia and the world, a Russian language course and current news programs.

Voice of Russia is currently on air in many important countries and cities around the world. The stations total audience exceeds more than 100 million listeners. As more and more Russians look to invest and move to Turkey to buy property or for business, the radio station will become more successful and continue to grow in the prosperous Turkey market.


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