Cars in Turkey – 6th highest sales in Europe

Figures released by the Automotive Distributers Association (ODD) have shown that Turkey ranked sixth in Europe for the total automobile sales in October, up from 8th place in September.

The figures show that overall in the period from January to October, Turkey remains in 8th place in Europe for the total amount of automobile sales.

The top three countries that showed improvement in October compared with September in relation to automobile sales were: Iceland which saw a 155.2 percent increase, Latvia with 111.6 percent, and Estonia with 34.3 percent increase.

Overall, the European automobile market as a whole dropped by 1.4 percent in October compared with October 2010. Euro crisis hit countries fared the worst for sales of automobiles in Europe. Ireland saw a 51.8 percent decrease, Portugal posted a 40.5 percent drop, and Greece finished with 35.7 percent less sales compared with the same period last year.

Cars in Turkey are becoming more and more prominent and the market is continuing to grow and develop. As Turkey moves to become one of the top economies in the world, cars in Turkey will also continue to grow as the need for cars in Turkey grows.

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  1. […] Turkey’s automotive sector is growing and expanding rapidly, more nations to do deals with will allow for Turkey to continue the upward trend of expanding the industry. The period from the year 2000 and September 2011 saw the total number of vehicles in Turkey rise by a staggering 91 percent in total from 8.3 million in total to 15.8 million in September this year with the total number of cars rising by 80 percent from 4.4 million to 7.9 million. […]

  2. […] from the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) show that the motor vehicles were the most popular of Turkish exports in 2011, representing more than USD 20 billion of the total exports from Turkey and increasing 17.4 percent […]

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