Turkish Prime Minister criticises debt ridden Eurozone

Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has criticised the poor state of the Eurozone that is now paying the cost for what the Prime Minister said was neglect of crucial measures.

Erdogan said: “The crisis that the European economy is going through right now is a result of the crucial steps which were not taken in the past.”

Erdogan urged the leaders of certain European countries to prioritise their personal interests in an effort to save the debt ridden Euro. He said: “European political leaders should put their personal interest aside and highlight the future of the European Economy. Implementing those steps urgently with determination is important.” The Prime Minister added that Italy was starting to worsen and show signs of following the crisis hit countries Greece and Spain.

Reflecting on Turkey’s current position with the economic crisis, Erdogan said: “Thanks to God, Turkey has been on the safe side during this period.” Turkish President Abdullah Gul also reflected this view, saying: “Turkey has fulfilled the Maastricht Criteria which is seen as the criteria of the European Union way better than many member countries.”

Compared with the countries in the Eurozone, Turkey is currently doing very well while other countries are seemingly struggling. Italy, Spain, and Greece have seen their economies beaten down to a shadow of their former strength. This has reflected on investments in areas such as property in Turkey and business in those countries being shifted towards the more stable and strong Turkey. Europe’s loss is proving to most certainly be Turkey’s gain.

3 Responses to “Turkish Prime Minister criticises debt ridden Eurozone”
  1. Sara says:

    Not sure what the “Arab Spring” has to do with Turkey which has a democratically elected government and whose people are not Arab, but I wasn’t ably to read all of the previous post. The EU would be smart to accept Turkey–before the Turks get totally fed up with the idea. Turkey is booming and has a great future–Old Europe seems to be sliding into an abyss.

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