Turkey will make EU stronger according to former EU commissioner

Former EU commissioner, Gunter Verheugen has said that Turkey’s cooperation with the European Union will make the EU stronger and will not hamper the EU.

Speaking at a conference in Istanbul, Verheugen said that Turkey had “bright economic prospects” and praised the successful Turkish foreign policy. He also noted that Turkey should not lose patience with the long winded process for EU integration and urged cooperation between Turkey and the EU to fight against political unrest in the Arab world, as both nations would benefit from stability and democracy in the Arab world.

Verheugen also said that it could be argued that the EU needs Turkey more than Turkey needs Europe at this moment in time, but conceded: “Turkey’s cooperation with the EU over the Middle East will be at the advantage of both sides.”

Verheugen noted that Turkey’s religious, cultural, and geographical position in the region was the advantage that Turkey possesses for the EU. The former EU commissioner summarised by saying that the Arab Spring had generated hope in the region but that there was no leader for the region, Verheugen called on Turkey to be a role model for post revolution Arab regimes as Turkey is an ideal country to model after due to the success of Turkey.

Negotiations for Turkey to become a member of the EU are ongoing and continuing, it has been said that Turkey could be the catalyst for growth in the EU. Should Turkey become a member of the EU it could be the start of further growth and positive changes for Turkey and the start of change in the EU.


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