Istanbul one of the best cities in Europe for property investment

Istanbul is now one of the most attractive and prestigious cities in Europe for real estate investment.

A study by LaSalle Investment Management found that Istanbul is now the fifth best city in Europe to buy a property or some form of real estate, up from 25th position last year. Istanbul is rapidly rising as one of the best cities in Europe for all forms of investment, the time to put your money in to Istanbul is now.

LaSalle Investment Management noted that the Turkish government’s decision to establish Istanbul as a financial centre has helped in the growth of the Istanbul property market. This is coupled with Turkey as a whole posting a good growth rate and the strong gross domestic product growth making Turkey in general attractive for investors.

To reflect on the popularity of Istanbul property, prices in the city are steadily on the rise – good news for any property investor. A real estate index found that property prices in Istanbul for the month of September have risen by 0.96 percent compared with the previous month.

Istanbul is certainly a city that is set to become a real power city in Europe. Istanbul recently put in a bid for the 2020 Olympics and the Turkish government has spent a lot of time investing and developing infrastructure and technology in Istanbul. The city with 12 million inhabitants has an unparalleled potential, as more investors look to Istanbul to invest, the ranking of 5th place this year will surely be looking upwards even more in next year’s rankings.

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