Turkish Airlines receives growth award

Turkey’s national air carrier, Turkish Airlines, has been rewarded for a stellar performance with the ‘Best Growth’ award by an international asset managing company.

The 2011 East Capital Awards held in Stockholm saw Turkish Airlines recognised for their performance, being one of Europe’s Fasted growing airlines in recent years. A statement on the East Capital website read: “Since 2003 Turkish Airlines has tripled its fleet size, increased the number of passengers at an average rate of 18 percent and raised its revenues even during the global financial crisis in 2008 and 2009.”

The statement summarised: “As a result of this consistent growth, the company has doubled its market share compared to 2005 and become the fourth largest carrier in Europe.”

The award for Turkish Airlines sees a continued recognition of the airline as it continues to grow and become a huge airline in Europe. As more and more flights to the popular Turkey are added, and more and more travellers and investors in Turkey require more flights, the future for Turkish Airlines looks set to continue to expand and generate more growth for Turkish Airlines.

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