Europe security depends on southeastern Turkey according to EU Minister

The Turkish European Union Minister and Chief Negotiator has stated that the security in Europe is dependent on the security in southeastern Turkey.

Egemen Bagis said that the terrorist group Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) that currently operates in southeastern Turkey is also trafficking illegal drugs in to Europe. Bagis said: “You should understand that Brussels’ security starts from Batman, Paris’ security starts from Diyarbakir and Berlin’s security starts from Sirnak.”

Bagis also said that the PKK was currently high up on the EU’s list of current terrorist networks and that members of the EU are grouping together to counter the terrorist activities of the PKK in Turkey and in Europe.

Bagis was in Brussels for a press conference where he also met with Stefan Fule, European Commissioner for enlargement and European neighbourhood policy. During their meeting, Fule and Bagis agreed that Turkey was a key country for the EU and that Turkey and the EU should revive relations. Fule also stated that the EU will increase their cooperation with Turkey regarding the fight against terrorism.

Negotiations between Turkey and the EU for Turkey to become a member of the European Union are currently at somewhat of a standstill. The EU has opened 13 out of 35 chapters for negotiations so far with Turkey. The process of Turkey becoming an EU member is long and drawn out, but in the end the EU will be better off with economically powerful Turkey being a member.

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