Generous Turkey donates $1.7 billion to developing nations

In the last year Turkey has donated an unprecedented $1.7 billion to developing and underdeveloped nations, all despite the current economic crisis that is engulfing the rest of the world.

Of that $1.7 billion, nearly $1 billion of that have been donations in humanitarian aid to suffering countries such as Somalia. The total breakdown of the donations to foreign countries by Turkey reads as $626 million of aid spent on technical cooperation projects and programs, $481 million was spend on the development of social infrastructure, $111 million went to increased production, $23 million went to economic infrastructure, and $10 million was spent in various other sectors around the globe.

Statistics showed that nations from Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East, and the Balkans all received generous donations from Turkey, bringing Turkish donations up to $4.4 billion since 2005.

The statistics show that Turkey has steadily increased their donations year on year since 2005. In 2005 Turkey donated $601 million, $714 million in 2006, $602 million in 2007, $780 million in 2008, $707 million in 2009, and $967 million in 2010.

Turkish donations of foreign countries is not set to dip or stop either, the current financial situation in Turkey is healthy compared with other countries. Turkey can afford to help out other countries in need and 2012 will no doubt see a further rise in donations by Turkey to foreign nations.


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