Turkish government to promote Turkish marble

The Turkish government has announced that they will offer a series of incentives for Turkish marble exporters to take part in international marble fairs and exhibitions.

The incentives include the Turkish government paying for the exporter’s travel and accommodation expenses up to 70 percent.

Arslan Erdinc, the head of Aegean Exporters Union, said that the Turkish government is also set to launch some new promotion centres in Dubai with a view of increasing the number of natural stones exported by Turkey to Dubai by two-fold in the next 3 years. The Turkish government will compensate 90 percent of all promotion activity by Turkish marble exporters in Dubai.

Erdinc said: “This project will be a first for Turkey. Despite the great natural stones reserves that Turkey has, promotion has always been inefficient.” The project is set to cost Turkey $2 million over the next 4 years.

Turkish marble is high quality and used in many properties in Turkey and homes in Turkey. Stunning marble makes real estate look that much better, Turkish marble is of the best quality you can find. The promotion of Turkish marble in a more international scene will lead to more exports of fantastic Turkish marble that will grace property and homes around the world for years to come.


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