Turkey automotive exports on the rise

Exports in Turkey’s automotive sector have risen by 6 percent to $1.8 billion in October this year in comparison with the same month last year.

A report by the Automotive Industry Exporters Union (OIB) showed that the automotive sector continued to be the largest export in sector in Turkey, with a 15 percent share of total export volume by Turkey.

The figures showed that automotive exports now stand at $15.3 billion for the period of January to October this year. Exports of cars grew by 0.3 percent in October over the same month last year, the car category accounted for the largest share of Turkish automotive exports with a total volume of $607 million in October.

OIB Chairman, Orhan Sabuncu, said: “The automotive industry showed its indispensability in Turkish exports, having successfully overcome all concerns derived from Europe’s vulnerability and turmoil coming from the Arab Spring.”

The report also found that Germany was the country to have important the most automobiles from Turkey. In October Germany imported a total of $247 million worth of automotives. France was not far behind Germany with $241 million worth of imports in automotive products from Turkey and Italy was third with $168 million worth.

The Turkish automotive market is a continuing growing and developing market in Turkey. Automotive products in Turkey are continuing to see a rise of exports as other countries look to the Turkish market for quality in products and reliability.


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