Turkish work permit’s granted for foreign medics

The Turkish government has announced new plans to give opportunities for the employment of foreign medics in Turkey.

The new move comes as part of a new set of statutory decrees that amended laws dating back to as far as 1928 that had originally prevented foreign nationals from working as physicians or nurses in Turkey.

The new decree will allow for the employment of foreign medics in Turkey under a temporary contract basis of up to three years. Recently, Turkish Health Minister Recep Akdag had stated that Turkey was at risk of suffering from a shortage of nurses and doctors, the new decree will ensure that Turkey will not be prone to understaffing in the health department.

Some medical associations have criticised the move, saying that foreign medics in Turkey could lead to a communication barrier between patients and doctors, but this has been minimal.

Overall it has to be looked at as a positive thing for Turkey to allow the foreign employment of medics in Turkey. This will allow Turkey to bring in more specialist and educated medics to Turkey in areas where there could be a lack of home grown medics in Turkey.

The Turkish government also issued five other statutory decrees that made amendments to several institutions, including: The European Union Ministry, the Education Ministry, The Family and Social Policies Ministry, the Ataturk Culture, Language and History Institution, the Labour and Social Security Ministry, and finally the State Personnel Directorate. These decrees have come as a series of other decrees issued by the government since May when Parliament announced a six month legislative mandate.

One Response to “Turkish work permit’s granted for foreign medics”
  1. dr faateh says:

    thnks i am forigen doctor md from russia iwould like to know how possible for me to work as doc, in turkey thanks

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