Turkish museums to be renovated

Turkey is currently in the process of renovating and modernise museums up and down the country as part of a project by the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry. By last month alone, 16 museums had already been modernised and reopened to the public and visitor numbers have seen a sharp increase due to the new … Continue reading

Turkey passes law allowing exemption from military service

The Turkish government has passed a new law that will allow paid exemption from the Turkish military service. The new law, which allows anyone over the age of 30 to pay to be exempt from military service was passed by the government and will begin on December 31. The cost to pay to be exempt … Continue reading

Former member of European Parliament says EU will ask Turkey to join

A former member of the Turkey-EU joint parliamentary commission has stated that Turkey should forget about the EU and focus more on things that are right for Turkey. Richard Balfe who was a member of the European Parliament for more than 25 years, said: “Turkey should make clear its interest to the EU and should … Continue reading

Turkey wants more trade with Saudi Arabia

Turkish Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan has stated that Turkey should increase trade relations with Saudi Arabia in the near future. Speaking at the eighth Trade and Corporate Client Conference in Istanbul, organised by the Saudi Arabian National Trade Bank, Caglayan said: “Our trade volume with Saudi Arabia is around $5 million. In the first nine … Continue reading

Turkey seeks new partners for car parts

Turkey has new plans to make nations such as Qatar, Ukraine, and Tunisia a secondary export market for automotive parts.  At the recent Comvex Automotive Fair, representatives from 14 leading automotive companies from these nations met with representatives from 50 Turkish automotive firms with an emphasis on discussing future trade possibilities. The fair, in Bursa … Continue reading