British Airlines want to benefit from flights via Turkey

A British Airlines official has said that the company is looking to boost the number of transit flights that the carrier takes via Istanbul.

Gavin Halliday, general manager of the company’s Europe and Africa operations said: “Not only has the number of people visiting Turkey increased, the number of transit passengers has reached a great number in recent years.”

Halliday said that Istanbul has become a very important connecting hub in the region.

Data from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) shows that the transit passengers arriving to Istanbul reached a total of 18 million last year, ranking as number 1 in hosting transit passengers on the Asia-Europe corridor.

The data also showed that the total number of passengers travelling to Turkey reached a total of 47 million in September this year, an increase of 13.4 percent compared with last year. Turkish Airlines currently handles around 35 million passengers yearly.

Flights to Turkey and especially Istanbul see many people arrive and leave. Istanbul is an important hub for connecting people and flights. More flights between the United Kingdom and Turkey will see more and more people flying between Turkey and the UK.

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