Turkey can play a significant role in the region

A US statesmen and famed scholar, Henry Kissinger has said that Turkey can play a huge significant role in the region once the United States start to withdraw.

Kissinger said in a conference in Istanbul: “Turkey will fill part of a regional void left by the US as it withdraws from Iraq and eventually Afghanistan.”

He did however, warn Turkey not to cross with US interests in the area, saying: “Turkey’s influence is growing at a time that the US is withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan, plus Libya is opening up, so Turkey can play a significant role. It shouldn’t run cross interests that the US considers imperative. I expect relations will be constructive.”

Turkey is uniquely situated as the country in the middle, where East meets West. Turkey’s recent growth and development as a nation has led to many to suggest that Turkey could become a power country in the region in the future.


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