Foreign investors look to safe Turkish market

A report by the International Investors Association (YASED) has found that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Turkey is set to hit 12 billion USD by the end of the year, making Turkey a prime location for investors.

The report said: “Due to positive expectations, Turkey dissociates with the rest of the global economic habitat that is in a downward trend.”

The report found that the main driving forces in persuading people to invest in Turkey was the size of the Turkish market, the good quality of the labour force in Turkey and the advantages of where the country is uniquely situated within the world.

The report by YASED undertook a survey of interviews of foreign investors who said that they believe the economic conditions of Turkey will continue to see investments in the country and will continue to see investments make a good return of profit.

A survey of the investors found that 37 percent of them believe that the economic environment for FDI in Turkey will improve in the future. The survey also found that only 9 percent of the survey believed the same when it comes to the worldwide economic environment. The investors are a lot more confident in the Turkish market then they are about the worldwide market.

The survey also found that 48 percent of the investors had plans to invest more in Turkey in the months from July to December. 17 percent of investors planned to invest more than 100 million USD in Turkey while another 8 percent planned to invest between 50-100 million USD. The rest of the investors plan to invest up to 50 million USD in the stable Turkish market. All of these statistics show that investors are expecting a bright future in the Turkish market.

There are many different areas to invest in Turkey. Lots of investors are pumping to invest in property in Turkey. The Turkish property market is thriving and prices are expected to increase in the future meaning that the optimum time to invest in property in Turkey is now. While the worldwide investment market has question marks over the safety of your investment, the Turkish investment market is growing stronger by the day as investors flock to Turkey.


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