White good sales in Turkey up 18.4 percent in August

A report has shown that the sales of domestic white goods in Turkey have risen by 18.4 percent in August compared with the same period last year.

White Goods Suppliers Association (BEYSAD) released data that showed that the total sales of white goods in Turkey were measured at 626,758 in August compared with 528,987 in August 2010. The data also showed that production of white goods in Turkey rose by 7.7 percent for the first eight months of the year, production rose to 1.79 million in August 2011 over 1.67 million in August 2010.

The month of August has been a particularly good month for white goods in Turkey. The yearly production gains of 7.7 percent compares to a 24.8 percent rise in August alone.

The rise in sales of white goods could be directly linked with the rising popularity of the ever growing and expanding Turkish property market. Property in Turkey is booming and is one of the safest investment potentials in a world where markets are crumbling. Properties need white goods, the more properties in Turkey that are sold; the more white goods will be sold.


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