Gul calls on Turkic world to act as one nation

Turkish President Abdullah Gul has called on the six Turkic nations to unite together and display solidarity to one another.

Speaking in Ankara, Gul said that Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan needed to act as “Six states with one nation.” Gul said: “This is the challenge before us. Those who are not in solidarity with each other face difficulty when they are alone. Being in solidarity never puts a shadow on mutual, equal and respectable relations.”

During an international meeting to mark the 20th year of the independence of Turkic republics, Gul said: “If we do see ourselves as part of one nation, it is the natural right of all our states to facilitate the utmost cooperation between our citizens, societies, and states.”

During his speech, the President also noted the success that the Turkic republics have had since they declared their independence 20 years ago. Gul said that he was proud to see this and the important roles that Turkic nations have assumed in the region.

In recent years, the growth of Turkey has been phenomenal compared with other countries around Europe who are struggling with the weak Euro. Turkey has shown significant growth and development in political and economic areas. President Gul will be looking for Turkey to continue this impressive growth as Turkey looks to reach their target of being a top ten economy worldwide by 2023.


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