Per capita GDP in Turkey reaches $10,000

Turkey’s Customs and Trade Minister, Hayati yazici has revealed that the per capita gross domestic product (GDP) in Turkey has grown above $10,000.

Speaking in an interview, Yazici said: “Our country has proved its economic, political and legal credibility to the whole world thanks to reforms made by the Justice & Development (AK) Party government. Turkey has become the 16th biggest economy in the world and sixth biggest economy in Europe.”

Yazici went on to say: “The Turkish economy has turned the global financial crisis into an opportunity thanks to its dynamic private sector. Our target is to make Turkey one of the world’s ten biggest economies in 2023 by increasing our exports up to $500 billion.”

The growth of Turkey this year has been incredible, Turkey is starting to show the world the potential that Turkey has, and the world is taking notice. People are flocking to invest in Turkey and buy property or start businesses in Turkey where the likelihood to prosper is high.

Yazici summed up the current state of Turkey by saying: “GDP per capita exceeded $10,000. We aim at increasing it up to $25,000 in 2023. The rate of unemployment decreased to 9.2 percent this year from 10.5 percent in 2010. Inflation rate dropped to 6.7 percent. Turkey’s exports reached $127.1 billion as of end of July while our national income increased to $736 billion. Turkey became the second fastest growing country in the world behind China with a growth rate of 8.8 percent in the first quarter of 2011.”

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