Cars in Turkey on the rise

A report into cars in Turkey has found that overall in Turkey, one out of every five people currently own a car.

The report found that one out of every two people in Western Turkey currently own and operate a vehicle while only one in every 27 people in eastern Turkey currently own a vehicle.

Going deeper into cars in Turkey, the report found that the most populated area for vehicles in Turkey was the south western province of Mugla. In Mugla it was found that one out of every two people own a car.

The richest province for cars was the capital of Turkey, Ankara. The report found that this province had the greatest number of cars per capita while the south eastern province of Hakkari ranked last in the number of vehicles per capita.

Turkey has recently been trying to fight the traffic problems in Turkey. In such populated cities such as Istanbul there have been many problems with traffic sometimes being at a standstill. To counter this, the Turkish government has introduced new measures to fight against traffic and try to persuade more people to use public transport instead of operating their own vehicle.

With Turkey currently on the rise and currently becoming more and more developed with growth, it is expected that more and more people will be able to afford to buy a car in the future, so the number of one in every five persons in Turkey owning a car is set to increase as Turkey grows into a power country.

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