Istanbul confident about 2020 Olympic Games bid

The general director for the Istanbul Olympic Bidding Committee (IOBC) has stated that Istanbul is ready to host the Olympic Games in 2020 as the city bids for the fifth time to host the games.

Yalcin Aksoy said: “I have never felt so confident except the first time we bid for the 2000 Games. We have learned how difficult it is to land the games.” Istanbul has previously failed on four different occasions for the 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012 Olympic Games and will be competing this time around against the cities of: Rome, Tokyo, Doha, Madrid, and Baku.

Askoy went on: “A lot has changed in Turkey in the past eight years, both in infrastructure and economies. Istanbul is the only city to build an Olympic stadium without winning the Games. We decided to go on constructing our projects to keep on investing in sports infrastructure. Since 1994, 14 Olympic venues have been completed including the Olympic stadium and the Sinan Erdem indoor arena that hosted matches for the world basketball championship last year.”

Currently Turkey is thriving as a country and growing at an unprecedented rate. Turkey recently held the successful 2010 basketball world championships and will host the 2013 Mediterranean Games. Askoy said that the success of these will help to improve the chances that Istanbul have of winning the 2020 Games.

Aksoy said that Istanbul would be the perfect choice for the Olympic Organisation Committee as it would allow for the Games to expand into new territory, Aksoy said: “Istanbul offers the Olympic world a chance to organise the games in a Muslim secular country. Obviously you don’t get the games because you are a Muslim country, but a good policy is to organise the games where they have not been organised before.”

According to Aksoy, Turkey has the strongest bid for the 2020 Olympic Games as Turkey is the only country out of all the competitors that have such a strong backing from their government. The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan even personally announced the bid for the Games. Aksoy said: “This is very positive. With the gigantism of the games, the IOC is very interested in securing government guarantees.”

Should the Turkish campaign to land the Olympic Games be successful, it is thought that it would lead to a lot of development and growth within Istanbul and Turkey in terms of infrastructure and many improvements will be made leading to Turkey becoming an even more prominent country in the region. Askoy also said that Turkey will only stop bidding for the Olympic Games once Turkey has won the right to hold the Olympic Games.

4 Responses to “Istanbul confident about 2020 Olympic Games bid”
  1. uxman says:

    in 2020 the olympic games are host by istanbul!
    its good lets see how???
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